Ghost Data Geo-Fence, Convert your Competitors Shoppers into Your New Customers

Approximately 5,000 monthly impressions of customer approved digital display ads will be viewed by shoppers that enter each of the geo fenced proximities on mobile devices.  A dashboard will be provided that captures shopper’s data that is uploaded daily. The dashboard features an autoresponder email and email follow-up features.

Available Data

  • Geo Fenced Visitor's Name
  • Geo Fenced Visitor's Address
  • Geo Fenced Visitor's Email
  • Geo Fenced Visitor's Compliant Phone Number
  • Geo Fenced Visitor's Credit score (when available)
  • Geo Fenced Visitor's Vehicle Make/Model Owned (when available)


Call Center Services for Ghost Data Geo-Fence

If your business needs help converting this visitor information into appointments our integrated professional call center can set appointments for you.  Call center will call shoppers three times, text three times and email three times to set appointments with shoppers at customer’s dealership.  All relevant call notes, dispositions and recordings for the client in a custom dashboard.  All data records will be provided in real-time.  

The following services require a one-time dashboard set-up for $500 One dashboard can be shared for all services.


Standard Geo Fencing

10 – 20 locations 3 month commitment.

153,000 views (impressions) a month of digital display ads (set of seven), extensive reporting including Conversion Zone Tracking via dashboard. 


Addressable Geofencing

(video OTT/CTV & CPM video and CPM static ads.  Customer supplied ads or production cost will apply)

Customer supplied address list or you can purchase a custom list with many data points

3 month commitment.

Uses video and digital display ads.

Addressable Geo-Fencing makes all household and business address targeting efforts more effective through our automated platline geofencing drawing capabilities.

Highly Precise – Targeting is based off of plat line data from property tax and public land surveying information to maximize precision of addresses being targeted.  Up To 90% Match Rate

Highly Scalable – Up to 1 million physical household and business addresses can be targeted per campaign.

Multiple Creative Formats – Advertisers can utilize static ads, video ads, and OTT (i.e Roku) Ad campaigns with addressable geofencing.


Over The Top (OTT) Advertising/Connected TV

Customer supplied video or pay for our list based on customized data points + production cost.

3 month commitment

Utilize existing TV advertising budget to target people on connected devices such as Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, PlayStation, etc..