Qualified Political Candidate Ad Programs

Qualified Political Candidates can run political video ads on YouTube, Digital Display Ads on the Google Network, and Text Messaging.

Benefits to using Google Ads for Your Campaign



You can control where and when your ads are shown.  Ads can be targeted by zip code, city, county and state.  Click cost average 35 – 95 cents each.  When a prospect clicks on your ad they will immediately land on your website to view more information about what they want. 

Google Ad Types

YouTube Video Ads

Video ads of 30 seconds or more are only charged a fee if viewed 30 seconds or more, or if the ad is clicked and the viewer visits the candidate’s website.  Cost per 30 second view is usually 2.5 – 5 cents each.  Videos usually have a view rate of 40% – 60%.

Google Network Digital Display Ads

Digital Display ads only incur a charge if the ad is clicked and the person visits the candidate’s website.  Ad views/impressions are FREE.  Usually you will receive 200 – 400 views for each click.  Click cost average 35 – 95 cents each.

Text Messaging Service

Text your message to smart phones.

SMS (up to 148 characters) 8 cents per text Over 100,000 records 7 cents per text

MMS (image ad + 500 – 600 characters, can include two links – one to the website and the other to a video)   12 cents per text Over 100,000 records 10 cents per text

Voter List

List of targeted voters with address, mobile phone numbers, land lines, voting history and age.  Can target likely republican voters and independents.  Can make the targeted list broader or more narrow.

Less than 25,000 records 5 cents per record

25,000 – 99,999 records 4 cents per record

100,000 records or more 3 cents per record

How to Qualify

Must be an Anti-WOKE Political Candidate that will defend the Constitution Rights of all US Citizens.  Campaign must spend at least $8000 (paid in advance) on a combination of services. 

Production cost are not included in the above services.